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Auto Insurance

Personal Auto Insurance Provider in Winston-Salem

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance has versatile requirements. For some Winston-Salem residents, it’s all about state-minimums and low-as-they-go policy premiums. For others, it’s about finding the right claim limits to safeguard your family’s financial health. For some, the biggest question isn’t even about insuring the everyday vehicle, but what sort of auto coverage is needed for their motorcycle, RV, or another specialty vehicle.

Personalized Policies

The knowledgeable and responsive experts at The Morgan Agency know how to customize a policy so that it meets the needs and priorities of your household.Along with standard auto coverage options, we’re proud to offer our Winston-Salem clients more personalized policies. There are exclusive programs like Vanishing Deductible® and a bunch of discounts you may qualify for. Plus, if the day ever comes when you need to use it, we offer the renowned On Your Side® Claims Service and AutoWatch® so you can monitor your vehicle’s repair work.The Morgan Agency will take the stress out of you while buying auto insurance in Winston-Salem.

Give us a call at (336) 721-9054 to talk about your coverage or to make an appointment with our office during business hours.

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Homeowners Insurance

Need help understanding what’s required by your home lender? Or how you can best protect your home’s property value including the dwelling, other property structures, and the belongings inside the home?The Morgan Agency will make sure you don’t miss any crucial detail about your homeowner’s policy. Along with their general expertise of Winston-Salem home insurance, our agents will listen carefully to your questions and concerns. It’s a straightforward process to find the policy coverage that makes the most sense for your home and your loved ones.

Exclusive Benefit Programs

Everything from the age of the home to the age of the homeowner can mean new ways to save on your Winston-Salem home insurance. There are also exclusive benefits programs, like Brand New Belongings® and Better Roof Replacement®.

These programs will make it easier to move forward when damage occurs. In the meantime, they offer extra peace of mind.

Professional Advise on Policy & Terms

You probably didn’t build the house on your own, and nor should you have to wade through the details of a home insurance policy by yourself either. Let The Morgan Agency demystify the process and help you understand how a policy protects you from covered damages. When it comes to something this important, you don’t want to stay in the dark.

Give us a call at (336) 721-9054 to discuss your policy. Or schedule an appointment with our office to talk about your concerns in person with Mike Morgan and our staff today.

Life Insurance

At The Morgan Agency, we are here to help people like you in the Winston-Salem area. We are here to answer your questions and make life insurance understandable.If you have children, a spouse or anyone in your life who depends upon you financially, you need life insurance. The same holds true if you depend upon someone else financially. Life is unpredictable, but it is within your power to minimize or even eliminate the financial impact of unexpected life events.

Terms vs Permanent Insurance

We will explain term versus permanent insurance and we will outline the types of life insurance that may be best for you.What are your current financial needs and what do you expect to be the future financial needs of your family? When determining the amount of coverage you need, you should consider both your present and future circumstances.You should factor in your current age, income and debts and the likely financial impact of lost income. You should also consider final expenses as well as future educational needs for your children and even for yourself or your spouse. If you are a one-income household, you should be sure to purchase a policy that will cover that income in its entirety if lost.Make sure you are not too busy to take care of yourself and your family.

Call us now at (336) 721-9054 and ask for Mike Morgan. You are welcome to stop in any time. Let us help you find the right policy to assure your family’s financial security.

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